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Merix Pharmaceutical Corporation

Merix Pharmaceutical Corp., established in 1998, is a pioneering U.S corporation committed to easing the pain and suffering caused by infectious diseases, and focused in the utilization of phyto-pharmaceutical technology specializing in the area of antivirals, addressing unmet medical needs. Merix' primary mission is to develop and market phyto-chemical based medicines which provide potentially safer and more effective treatments. It is believed that phyto-chemicals provide greater bio-availability with decreased cyto-toxicity. The effectiveness of phyto-pharmaceuticals is gaining greater recognition and acceptance by consumers and professionals in the healthcare industry. Viracea® and Viracea2,4 ®are phyto-chemical based formulas, which are protected worldwide by US and foreign patent applications. Merix is the exclusive worldwide licensee for these formulas. Based on these licenses Merix has developed several formulations and will market them into the worldwide consumer health, OTC, and pharmaceuticals markets.

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